How to review your presentation performance by Nicole Soames

By Guest Contributor Nicole Soames

Author Nicole Soames, explains the basics of how to review your presentation in order to keep developing and improving, based on her newest book The Presenting Book.

Picture the last time you gave an important presentation. No doubt you spent hours putting your slides together and rehearsing your delivery before the big day. However, how much time did you spend asking yourself how well your performance went? In today’s fast-paced world, it can be tempting to tick your presentation off your to-do list and move on without a backward glance. Inspirational presenters, on the other hand, adopt a growth mindset and review their performance so they can make improvements going forward. So, the next time you give a presentation, follow the three steps below to help you review your performance and take your presenting skills to the next level.



A great way to assess how you did is to ask yourself what impression you made on your audience. Encourage people in the audience to give you feedback either formally or informally. If your presentation was filmed, make sure you watch it back, then identify what you could start to do differently, what you could stop doing and what you could continue to do. Don’t just focus on the delivery aspect of your performance – take into account the preparation and content of your presentation so you can assess the overall impact it has made on your audience. Remember to follow up with your key influencers to double check that your messages have landed and that they are taking the right action as a result of what you have presented.



If you’re unhappy with your presenting performance, you need to draw on your resilience by taking the lessons from the situation. It’s entirely normal to feel disheartened at first, but recognise that not everyone is the finished article and harness your ambition and optimism to move forward. Break down your performance into bite-sized chunks so you can identify the specific aspects you need to work on. Then put a plan in place to help you keep developing your presenting skills, whether this means going on a presenting skills course or finding a mentor or coach to boost your self-confidence.



The final step is to practise the areas of presenting your find most difficult on a daily basis so you can become a truly inspirational presenter. As the saying goes, it takes at least 21 days to develop a habit, so don’t procrastinate, start applying these presenting principles to every interaction you have with people, whether it’s on social media, via email, in online meetings, on the phone or in face-to-face meetings. Don’t make the mistake of saving your new skills for big, formal presentations. The most lasting way to form a habit is to take simple and easy steps, review how these steps benefit you and then repeat them as part of your everyday life.

By following these three steps and taking a rigorous approach to reviewing your presentation, you will quickly reap the rewards of increased presenting confidence and skill, enabling you to make a great impression on those around you.



NICOLE SOAMES is a highly qualified coach and emotional intelligence practitioner. She gained extensive commercial experience during her 12 years managing large sales teams at Unilever andUnited Biscuits, followed by over 15 years developing and deliver-ing training programmes around the world. In 2009, Nicole founded Diadem Performance, a leading commercial skills training and coach-ing company. With over 100 clients across the globe, Diadem has helped many thousands of people become ‘commercial athletes’ in influencing, selling, negotiation, account management, marketing, presenting, strategy, coaching, leadership and management. Nicole is also the author of the bestselling The CoachingBook, The Influence Book and The Negotiation Book, all in the Concise Advice series from LID Business Media.




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The Presenting Book is an inspiring and engaging handbook packed with Nicole Soames expert advice, practical tools and exercises. This book will teach you how to become a highly skilled presenter in all areas of your life whether you re presenting a sales report to the board, promoting your personal brand online, networking at an event or being the keynote speaker at a conference. You ll learn how to develop your emotional intelligence, capture and hold peoples attention and deliver your performance with confidence.

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