Pride Month: The history and helpful resources to read and listen to

By Guest Contributor Francesca Stainer, Communications Manager

We look at the history of Pride Month and resources to help you understand LGBT+ issues to be a better ally in your professional and personal life.



“June has been an unofficial month of celebratory queerness for decades. Though the origins of Pride Month span back to the ’50s, President Bill Clinton officially made it “Gay and Lesbian Pride Month” in 2000. President Barack Obama made it more inclusive in 2011, calling it Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month. No matter what you call it, Pride Month has a rich history that informs how it’s observed today.” [Bustle, 7 June 2021]





The rise of LGBT+ equality in the global economy- read here

Working Culture: How openness, respect and fairness create merit orientation – read here

Beyond Awareness: Unconscious bias and Frank Sinatra’s song – read here

LGBT+ Glossary terms to be aware of – read here

Why is May 17th so important to the LGBT+ community? – read here


🎧  How the LGBT+ community and their allies are changing the global economy with Jens Schadendorf (29 minutes)

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🎧  How to be a ‘GaYme Changer’ in your organisation (26 minutes)

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The LGBT+ community has experienced a stunning development in a short period of time: yesterday marginalized, stigmatized, and criminalized, now champions of creativity, diversity and innovation in a highly competitive world. In addition, corporate social responsibility and ethical demands for inclusivity have become economic directives that every organization would like to attain. The struggle of recognition is not over yet, but in workplaces and markets, gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual and queer individuals have become symbols of diversity and economic power – true GaYme Changers developing the global economy faster and for the better.

Illustrated by fascinating stories around individuals, companies, nonprofits and a fast-growing cohort of organizations, Jens Schadendorf has traced the LGBT+ community and an increasing number of their allies from across the globe to discover the start of a revolution. Supported by up-to-date research, he shows that investment in LGBT+ inclusion delivers a powerful return. Always – even in times of hostility, resistance and crisis – it is economically and ethically beneficial for companies and societies and every human being, to let LGBT+ members develop into dynamic forces, rooted in new forms of cooperation and learning for ga(y)me changing results.

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“Jens has drawn together a rich, deep and broad snapshot of how LGBT+ individuals are, finally, taking their rightful places in our businesses and organisations. It clearly hasn’t been easy, and the solutions haven’t been simple – tackling, as they do, the deep-held assumptions and biases of many people. It’s humbling to see all of this effort laid out in front of you.” – The HR Director