By Guest Contributor Francesca Stainer, Communications Manager

26 July 2021 – LID announces its latest book translation deals.

Following its win as best “Business Journey” book in the Business Books Award 2021, foreign rights interest in 100 Million Hair Ties and a Vodka Tonic by Sophie Trelles-Tvede – which tells the story of the author’s amazing entrepreneurial journey that started in her first year at university – has begun to increase. To begin with, a significant deal for Simplified Chinese rights to Post & Telecom Press was completed together with Spanish rights to LID Editorial.

Further Simplified Chinese deals were recently made: High Frequency Change by futurist Tom Cheesewright, with Beijing Mediatime Books, and The Project Management Book by Fergus O’Connell, with Post & Telecom Press.

Vietnamese rights were licensed to ThaiHaBooks Publishing House for The Ethical Business Book by Sarah Duncan. And Arabic rights for One Life by Morten Albaeck went to Jarir Books in Saudi Arabia.

Finally, Japanese rights for Bushido Capitalism: The Code to Redefine Business for a Sustainable Future by Kengo Sakurada – described by Dan Pink as “a must read for every business leader” and due to be released in late July by LID – was licensed to leading Japanese business publisher Kanki Publishing.


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Suggested Reading

“Why didn’t I think of that genius idea?” This is the remarkable, at times funny, story of a young entrepreneur who, aged 18 and with $4,000 and no other funding, started up invisibobble – the revolutionary hair ties that have taken the haircare industry by storm. Today, Sophie Trelles-Tvede’s company has sold over 100 million hair ties around the world and turns over $15 million.

As a first-year university student, getting ready for a party, Sophie spotted an old telephone cord and decided to use it to tie her hair with. The next morning, she noticed something different with her hair: she did not have a headache after untying the cord and there was not much of a mark (or kink) in her hair. The genius idea of invisibobble was born right there! This is the story of the idea and thereafter – the ups and downs, funny and serious moments, of an entrepreneur’s journey that will inspire others and reveal what it takes to succeed.

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Never before in history have, we been more educated, wealthier, and lived longer with more opportunities in life. Conversely, we have never been more stressed, anxious, depressed or lonely. In One Life, the philosopher and business executive Morten Albæk investigates this paradox and the absurdity that all of the world’s impressive socio-economic advancements have not been translated into more existential wellbeing.

It is critical to understand why those of us, especially in prosperous countries with high living standards, continue to get sick, particularly due to work-related stress and poor leadership. The cure is not more ‘work-life balance’, but that we stop separating our persona into a working human being and private human being, and instead see ourselves as one human being with one life. That one life should be as meaningful as possible; it is meaning – not happiness – that is the most important basic ingredient for the sustainability of our lives, our businesses and our society.

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Business is becoming increasingly project-based and our ability to manage projects has become one of the key skills for success as managers and business people. This compact guide, written by a leading project management expert, gets to the heart of successful project management.

Project management is not complicated – many projects may be complicated, but project management itself is not. By following a set of simple rules and applying simple techniques, there will be no need for the expensive project failures that we often see. Moreover, as this book shows, projects can be significantly shortened by again using simple ideas and techniques. Anyone who manages projects will find this book helps them to save time, effort, resources, and money.

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We are dizzy trying to keep up with the constant flood of newness across every aspect of our lives. And it’s clear that some of our biggest companies are facing similar challenges. Each week another big brand name fails. Why is this?

Change is like a wave: it has both amplitude and frequency. The last century was about change of great amplitude, big waves washing over the whole society. But this century is about high frequency change: rapid, smaller waves, each powerful enough to disrupt an industry. This book explains how we can understand high frequency change, what drives it, and how we must respond by changing the way we run our organisations – and our lives.

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In 2020, the world was rocked by the sudden and indiscriminate spread of Covid-19. But for all the damage caused – lives lost, economies roiled and jobs eradicated – it also created opportunities for individuals and businesses to pause and reflect. Bushido Capitalism explores the ways in which this forced interlude has allowed us to reflect on the effects of a Great Acceleration of the last two decades and to critically evaluate where we should go next. Guided by updated values of Bushido, which have long been enshrined in Japanese culture but are rarely referenced in the West, this book presents ways in which we can use this current inflection point to become more responsible, ethical and sustainably minded citizens and business leaders. It underscores the importance of collaboration, humility and realism, but also of confidence, ambition and creativity. it demonstrates that businesses, particularly in a complex and polarised world, can be a force for the common good of society – if run the right way.

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This book is a gateway to a fast-moving topic, which is why it has now been thoroughly updated with new material. It gets the reader started on all the important elements of ethical and sustainable business practice, but is deliberately concise, non-preachy and practical. If you are a business owner or leader, it will provide you with the tools to make a difference. if you work for an organization that needs change, it will give you the ammunition you need to lobby the decision makers and present a compelling case for long-term sustainability,

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