Rethinking Tomorrow: A Data-Driven Company with Richard Benjamins

By Guest Contributor Francesca Stainer

Author of A Data-Driven Company, Richard Benjamins, hosts a talk with Telefónica, about the future of business with Data and AI.

On 9th September 2021 , the new book, A Data-Driven Companyby Richard Benjamins, was presented at Telefónica and accompanied by Jaime García Cantero. A volume full of valuable advice for companies that want to focus on data.



Are you planning to start working with Big Data, data analytics or AI but you don’t know where to start or what results it will give you? Have you started a data journey and wondering how to get to the next level? Do you want to know how to finance your data journey, how to organize your data science team, how to measure results, how to scale? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Many organizations are asking the same questions. After the presentation, Richard Benjamins signed copies of his book

This event was played at LSE and could continue streaming on our website and open networks with the hashtag #EmpresaDataDriven and #RepensandoElMañana.

It can be enjoyed in Telefónica’s media library  and also as a  podcast  on the main platforms.














RICHARD BENJAMINS is Chief AI & Data Strategist at Telefonica. He was named one of the 100 most influential people in data-driven business (DataIQ 100,2018). He is also co-founder and Vice President of the Spanish Observatory for Ethical and Social Impacts of AI (OdiselA). He was Group Chief Data Officer at AXA, and before that spent a decade in big data and analytics executive positions at Telefonica. He is an expert to the European Parliament’s AI Observatory (EPAIO), a frequent speaker at AI events, and strategic advisor to several start-ups. He was also a member of the European Commission’s B2G data-sharing Expert Group and founder of Telefonica’s Big Data for Social Good department. He holds a PhD in Cognitive Science, has published over 100 scientific articles, and is author of the (Spanish) book, The Myth of the Algorithm: Tales and Truths of Artificial Intelligence.



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Are you planning to start working with big data, analytics or AI, but don’t know where to start or what to expect? Have you started your data journey and are wondering how to get to the next level? Want to know how to fund your data journey, how to organize your data team, how to measure the results, how to scale? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Many organizations are struggling with the same questions.

This book discusses 21 key decisions that any organization faces when travelling its journey towards becoming a data-driven and AI company. It is surprising how much the challenges are similar across different sectors. This is a book for business leaders who must learn to adapt to the world of data and AI and reap its benefits. It is about how to progress on the digital transformation journey of which data is a key ingredient.

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