Three of LID’s Books Shortlisted for The Business Book Awards 2022

By Guest Contributor Teya Ucherdzhieva

Three of LID’s books have been shortlisted for the Business Book Awards 2022 at an event held on 1st March in Birmingham. The titles are Corporate Social Responsibility Is Not Public Relations by Sangeeta Waldron, GaYme Changer by Jens Schadendorf and Vantage Points by Paula Leach.

Sangeeta Waldron, whose book Corporate Social Responsibility Is Not Public Relations has been shortlisted in the Change & Sustainability Category, comments:

“To be shortlisted for the UK Business Book Awards is an important moment for me and the book. It gives the book immediate authority and I hope people will buy the book to find out why it has earned its place here, alongside the other great titles in this category.”

GaYme Changer has been shortlisted for the Smart Thinking Category. The author, Jens Schadendorf, expresses his delight:

“I am very honoured and would like to thank the jury – all the more so because in our struggle for an open, diverse, humane and at the same time dynamic and innovative world, where everyone’s life and talent counts, we should come to understand the importance of thinking societies’ wellbeing, corporate profits and the human rights of underrepresented groups together.  Acting in this way, strategically and in everyday life, is good for businesses and communities and the right thing to do – not least when it comes to LGBT+ equality in global workplaces and markets.”

The third of LID’s books shortlisted, Vantage Points, is in the Leadership Category. Paula Leach says:

“Leadership can be challenging, and never has it been more important to lead with intention and to step up.  Being a Leader is not a position, rather the ability to inspire the collective agency of a team.  I am thrilled that Vantage Points – how to create a culture where employees thrive has been recognised amongst such a prestigious company in the shortlist in the Leadership Category of Business Book Awards.”

Teya Ucherdzhieva receiving Sophie Trelles-Tvede’s award for her book 100 Million Hair Ties And A Vodka Tonic

At the event in Birmingham Business Book Awards also presented physical awards to the winners from the last two years. LID’s Communications Executive, Teya Ucherdzhieva, accepted the award Sophie Trelles-Tvede won in 2021 for her book 100 Million Hair Ties and a Vodka Tonic in the Business Journey Category.

This year Business Book Awards are celebrating their fifth anniversary with double the number of entries from when they started – 150 in 2018 up to 300 – and the shortlisting of 104 books in 14 categories by a panel of 40+ judges.

The Business Book Awards team has consistently campaigned for more women, ethnic minority and differently-abled authors to make their contribution in print. This year, they have successfully ensured equality with all shortlisted authors made up of exactly 58 women and 58 men.

The 2022 Business Book Awards winners will be announced at 8 Northumberland Place, London, on Monday 16th May.

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The book, Corporate Social Responsibility is Not Public Relations, contains 15 global inspirational interviews with thought leaders and entrepreneurs, including David Katz, CEO of Plastic Bank; Lois Acton, mentored by Anita Roddick, founder of the Bodyshop, Fred Huguez, who escaped the LA gang culture about the essence of sustainability, and more. These interviews within every chapter, along with the research, show there is international public support for business to do better and that CSR is driving investment. This is the time for all types of business to have CSR as the lifeblood for all their customers and employees.

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Vantage Points, invites leaders everywhere to consciously broaden their awareness via the exploration of the key Vantage Points. With this heightened awareness, great leaders can learn to focus their attention on their two primary jobs: creating clarity and space for individuals and teams to thrive. Vantage Points is a resource designed to support leaders in becoming more intentional in their actions and human centred interventions to enable and celebrate the shared collective endeavour of their team.

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Illustrated by fascinating stories around individuals, companies, nonprofits and a fast-growing cohort of organizations, Jens Schadendorf has traced the LGBT+ community and an increasing number of their allies from across the globe to discover the start of a revolution. Supported by up-to-date research, he shows that investment in LGBT+ inclusion delivers a powerful return. Always – even in times of hostility, resistance and crisis – it is economically and ethically beneficial for companies and societies and every human being, to let LGBT+ members develop into dynamic forces, rooted in new forms of cooperation and learning for ga(y)me changing results.

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As a first-year university student, getting ready for a party, Sophie spotted an old telephone cord and decided to use it to tie her hair with. The next morning, she noticed something different with her hair: she did not have a headache after untying the cord and there was not much of a mark (or kink) in her hair. The genius idea of invisibobble was born right there! This is the story of the idea and thereafter – the ups and downs, funny and serious moments, of an entrepreneur’s journey that will inspire others and reveal what it takes to succeed.

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