10 rules for the future of high-end fashion
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In an era marked by sudden and profound change, the fashion world has also experienced significant transformations. Its boundaries, its rationale and its protagonists have all been redefined, with these changes continuing now and in the future. The purpose of this book is to analyze this market with particular focus on the segment defined as “high-end” and to provide entrepreneurs, professionals, workers in the sector, consultants, and business/fashion students, a context to better understand the latest and most up-to-date ideas and how to govern their growth.

The starting point for the book’s discussion begins with the title of the book, which emphasizes two important characteristics regarding its context: the increasingly blurred distinction between offline and online – hence the term “onlife” – and the absence of rules, given the obvious out-of-date nature of those on which fashion companies have based their business strategies in recent decades. This has led the authors to propose a handbook of new rules, suitable for a world that increasingly appears to be lacking them.


Philip Kotler, Giuseppe Stigliano, Riccardo Pozzoli
Philip Kotler is known as the “father of modern marketing”, a professor at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, and author of several bestselling marketing books. Giuseppe Stigliano is Global CEO of Spring Studios; prior to that, he was CEO of Wunderman Thompson. Riccardo Pozzoli is an entrepreneur, advisor and investor.

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