An entrepreneur’s journey from motel janitor to CEO of a global enterprise
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Sujin Lee is one of Asia’s most successful entrepreneurs of recent times. Starting with two desks and capital of only $50,000, Lee founded Yanolja, the South Korean super-app that provides hotel and travel bookings, and which today has revenues of $350 million. Before this, Lee was an orphaned child who spent his early 20s working as a hotel janitor.

This book contains insights, thoughts and the experiences of Sujin Lee. Often candid and honest, it offers a rare and vivid look into the mind of an entrepreneur and the start-up of a company and its spectacular growth. Like most entrepreneurs, Lee experienced crises along the way, that forced him to start from scratch again. But he was able to continue going forward, turning crisis into opportunity, and today Yanolja has evolved into a global, one-stop travel tech company, with further plans to expand into the cloud-based business.

Sujin Lee

Sujin Lee is the founder of Yanolja in South Korea, one of the most successful start-ups in Asia. Aged 45, he was ranked 26 on the Forbes Korea’s 50 Richest list in 2023.


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