How to deliver advertising that grows your brand

Brands today have a bewildering array of ways to communicate with their target audience. To succeed, brand owners need to know how to identify the best combination of media and how to create effective content. A lot of advertising is ill-chosen and poorly executed; understanding how to harness its potential provides a strong competitive advantage.

This book offers guidance to company leaders, marketers and entrepreneurs in delivering effective advertising. It presents a summary of all the latest evidence and thinking about successful advertising in a clear, accessible way with inspiring examples and the author’s trademark frameworks, analogies and hand-drawn illustrations.

Dan White
Dan White is a trainer and consultant who has worked in the marketing and branding sector for over 30 years. He was previously Head of Expertise and MD of Corporate Development at Kantar and is the author of The Soft Skills Book, The Smart Marketing Book and The Smart Branding Book (all published by LID). He is based in the UK.

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