How to create a culture where employees thrive
The world of work is changing and there has never been a more important time for leaders to understand the transition from leading processes and systems to leading human beings. This book provides leaders of all levels – from team to department, from entrepreneur to CEO – with tools and insights to manage in the modern age of human-centric work.

Every leader at every level has a unique vantage point. From that point, there are two key responsibilties that leaders must undertake, which will directly influence the culture and performance of the company. The first is to create direction and clarity in a simple way; the second is to get out of the way – instead, leaders should focus on creating conditions for success and developing and nuturing the potential in others. The book ends with a practical section of quick and speedy tools for leaders to utilize.

Paula Leach
Paula Leach is a senior Human Resource leader and consultant. She was previously the Chief People Officer at the FDM Group and at the UK Home Office. She is based in the UK.

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