How to put CSR at the heart of your company and maximize the business benefits

Research shows that CSR improves long-term business performance and that consumers prefer to patronise organizations with strong histories of social responsibility. Customers and employees are speaking with their values as well as their wallets! But consumers especially are sensitive to empty promises and want brands to be committed to the planet, sustainability and other social issues.

This book argues that trust is at stake for every organization and is the reason why communications strategies must respond authentically. If you can’t be authentic about social initiatives, then don’t do it because CSR is not a publicity tool! Yet some see the relationship as nothing but a marketing trick – an organization’s blatant self-promotion. This book will define the real role of PR in CSR and what that relationship should be.


Sangeeta Waldron
Sangeeta Waldron is the founder of Serendipity PR & Media agency. She is an award-winning public relations and media professional and is the author of The PR Knowledge Book. She is often invited to events both nationally and globally, where she speaks about the media, CSR and diversity in business.

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