A new paradigm for 21st-century leadership
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Leaders of today must possess potent powers for logic, reason, discernment and strategic forecasting. Yet, they must also be empathic and therefore embodied; grounded and therefore intuitive; present and therefore awake. They must be skilled in mindfulness and deep listening, able to inspire authentic engagement and collaboration, and possess a clear and wholehearted sense of service, mission and purpose – restoring coherence where there is fragmentation and unity where there is division. Nicholas Janni presents this new and necessary leadership style as the Leader as Healer.

The book outlines both a theoretical and practical map towards a new form of leadership, one that embodies the “skill, heart, and wisdom” that the current moment demands. The pathway Janni describes is one of integration and restoration, which is designed to reawaken the innate human capacities – physical and emotional, individual and transpersonal – that were previously discarded and forgotten during our perilous journey towards profit-maximization and “infinite” economic growth. It offers a way to grow ourselves as leaders and to heal our organizations.


Nicholas Janni
Nicholas Janni is a transformational coach and leadership development expert. He also teaches at Oxford University and the IMD Business School.

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