Create a pathway to a more healthy and meaningful life

Why is it that most of us feel we are not very good when it comes to money? Why do we feel dissatisfied and unfulfilled? We typically think that, in order to be successful and get nearer to financial independence, we need to accumulate more money. In fact, it may well be that we actually need to become more aware of what makes us happy. Then we may well find that financial independence and success moves nearer to where we currently are!

This book presents an understanding of our finances that is defined not in terms of wealth or status, but by your happiness. Through a four-cornerstone approach, it provides practical advice on how to create a financial wellbeing plan that will help you to focus away from simply accumulating wealth, and instead focus on enjoying your life. The author leads the reader into understanding their own definition of success, what brings happiness and wellbeing, and the distractions and barriers that stops us from achieving wellbeing. Based on this insight into what we want from life, we can create a pathway to use money to increase our wellbeing and have a more healthy, fulfilling and enjoyable life.


Chris Budd
Chris Budd is the founder of the Initiative for Financial Wellbeing and is the Chairman of Ovation Finance. He is the author of The Financial Wellbeing Book (part of LID’s Concise Advice series) and The Four Cornerstones of Financial Wellbeing (LID) and is based in the UK.

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-911687-76-4
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