50 ways to run successful projects in half the time

Business is becoming increasingly project-based and our ability to manage projects has become one of the key skills for success as managers and businesspeople. This compact guide, written by a leading project management expert, gets to the heart of successful project management.

Project management is not complicated – many projects may be complicated, but project management itself is not. By following a set of simple rules and applying simple techniques, there will be no need for the expensive project failures that we often see. Moreover, as this book shows, projects can be significantly shortened by again using simple ideas and techniques. Anyone who manages projects (of any kind or level) will find this book helps them to save time, effort, resources and money.


Fergus O’Connell
Fergus O’Connell is a leading consultant and trainer in project management. He is the author of 15 business and self-help books, including the bestselling Simply Brilliant (Pearson). He is based in the UK.

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