Supercharge your reputation and boost your sales and referrals

We are witnessing the new age of empowered customers, armed with online reviews, five-star ratings and social media, and never has it been more important to manage your reputation and referrals. This book is for anyone who wants to systematically build their reputation and increase their referral sales whilst delivering a consistent and continually improving customer experience.

The advice in this book is presented in a simple, clear, no-nonsense way, with step-by-step instructions on what to do along the journey. The information provided by the authors is based on over 10 years coaching, advisory and training experience in the area of feedback, customer experience and referrals, and all the advice is underpinned by real life experience and examples… and continued doses of common sense!


Guy Arnold
Guy Arnold works with Business Advice Organisations, which offers simple and hugely powerful guidance as well as referrals and reputation sales. He is the author of Great or Poor and Sales through Service. Russell Wood is a professional trainer and business advisor to SME, national, FTSE 100 and private companies working in B2C and B2B environments.

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