50 practical tips for how to have an effective meeting

Across the world businesses are searching for ways to work leaner and smarter. Working virtually across countries, time zones, and regions is, in theory, a good way to stay connected and keep travel and accommodation costs down. Businesses must be competent at working virtually in order to thrive and, meeting virtually is today’s reality.

Technology companies are getting better and better at supporting meaningful virtual meetings and communication media is galloping ahead with people actively staying connected through social media and yet, at the same time, virtual business meetings are hitting a glass ceiling. This book suggests that the human behaviour needed to make the most of these meetings is struggling to keep up. In this book you will learn how to make meetings work for you, how to be present and how to be understood, why you suck at meetings today and what to do about it for tomorrow.


Helen Chapman
Helen Chapman is a former senior business manager with an a leading airline company. She has led successful organizational development strategies, working as developer, owner and facilitator of new company cultures. Today Helen is a facilitator and works as a thinking partner with senior business leaders.

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