How to build a profitable and resilient brand

Most businesses today can readily access the required technology and talent to match competitors’ innovations and ideas quickly, making products and services similar to one another. In the modern business environment, companies instead need to build brands that consumers recognize and trust if they’re looking for sustainable, profitable growth.

This book presents in a concise fashion the latest thinking and methods for successful branding. Clear and accessible, it contains real-life examples from business, practical frameworks, and inspiring illustrations. It explains what branding really is, why a brand is so critical to success in business, and how to maximize the growth of your current and future products/services through branding.


Dan White
Dan White is a trainer and consultant who has worked in the marketing and branding sector for over 30 years. He was previously Head of Expertise and MD of Corporate Development at Kantar and is the author of The Soft Skills Book, The Smart Marketing Book and The Smart Branding Book (all published by LID). He is based in the UK.

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Number of pages: 176