The definitive guide to effective marketing strategies

The Smart Marketing Book is a handbook for modern marketing. It provides practical, evidence-based advice and inspiration on all aspects of marketing from business, brand and innovation strategy through to communications, sales promotion and customer experience.

It contains no waffle nor jargon – just clear explanations and unique frameworks and visualizations that make sophisticated ideas easy to grasp, plus famous examples that bring key concepts to life. It offers the clearest summary of marketing principles and latest thinking available.


Dan White
Dan White is a trainer and consultant who has worked in the marketing and branding sector for over 30 years. He was previously Head of Expertise and MD of Corporate Development at Kantar and is the author of The Soft Skills Book, The Smart Marketing Book and The Smart Branding Book (all published by LID). He is based in the UK.

Price: £9.99
Hardback ISBN: 978-1-912555-76-5
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-911671-12-1
Format: 180×120 mm
Number of pages: 184