50 ways to communicate more effectively

Today communication has never clearly been so influential, continually centre stage in influencing our hearts, minds and essentially the narrative of our civilization. We are surrounded by the impact of good and bad communication, both in our own lives and in the world stage. And we are swayed, even against better judgement by persuasive communicators.

This book will give anyone simple usable tools to improve and enrich their communication in five key areas, so that they feel more confident and effective in meetings, presentations, interviews, social situations and can even in an argument! Communication expert Emma Serlin presents a unique methodology that has been taught successfully to hundreds of happy clients.


Emma Serlin
Emma Serlin is the Director and Founder of London Speechworkshops which deliver one-to-one and corporate training to increase personal effectiveness through a unique approach to communication, presentation skills and accent softening. Clients include the Korean Olympic bid team, Times newspaper group, Credit Suisse and many more. Emma is also an award winning theatre director and a social entrepreneur.

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