How to ignite and boost your creativity

Creative thinking is about finding a way of looking at problems or situations from a fresh perspective, and then to conceive of something new or original. A creative person has clever and original ideas, and that all starts with firing up your imagination. It’s through your imagaination that you produce and simulate novel objects and new ideas, images or concepts.

The good news is that everyone is capable of thinking creatively – as human beings, it is within our nature to do so. Through a mixture of anecdotes, stories and practical methods, this book is designed to help you understand what creativity is and how to unleash and apply your inner creativity.


Neil Francis
Neil Francis has many years of experience as a Chairman, CEO, and director. Currently he is the Chairman of a digital agency, director of two internet companies, a social enterprise that creates partnerships between Scottish and Rwandan individuals and companies, and a consultancy practice. He is the author of The Creative Thinking BookThe Entrepreneur’s Book, Positive Thinking and Inspired Thinking (all published by LID).

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